What is a pulpectomy? How can it benefit your child? Commonly referred to as a partial root canal, a pulpectomy is a dental procedure that is used to save a baby tooth when infection invades the nerve of the tooth. Similar to a root canal in an adult, pulpectomy involves removing the infected nerve and replaces it with a special filling. This is done to save the baby tooth until it is time for it to come out.

There are several steps to a pulpectomy. After proper sedation or numbing of the area, an opening is made in the top of the tooth. The infected nerve tissue is cleaned out and removed from the root. A special filling material is put in the root canal, and a crown is cemented in place to protect the tooth and seal the opening. Prior to the procedure, a rubber dam is placed around the outside of the tooth to isolate the area being worked on. This protects your child by preventing any debris from falling back into the throat area.

As a parent, you may be apprehensive about your child having this procedure done. You may be concerned about pain and discomfort and wonder if the procedure is safe. Dr. Bruce Vafa and his staff will take all the necessary steps to assure your child’s comfort and safety throughout the procedure. With new advances in pain control and dental anesthesia, the majority of dental procedures are performed comfortably and with minimal to no discomfort.

A few common reasons your child may need a pulpectomy are:

  • developement of a cavity
  • infection in the root of the tooth
  • traumatic injury to a tooth

Dr. Bruce Vafa will be happy to provide you with a detailed explanation of pulpectomy if it is recommended for your child. He will be glad to meet with you and your child to discuss any concerns and to answer all questions before scheduling the procedure. As a trusted children’s dentist, Dr. Bruce Vafa can help you decide if a pulpectomy procedure is the best choice for your child.

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