Why cosmetic crowns?

Because if your child needs a tooth restored, it should not only function well and keep your child’s mouth healthy. It should also look good too!

Most crowns are made of metal or are porcelain fused to metal, which often dull in appearance over time and show their metal linings in the form of black traces at the based of the restored teeth. While cosmetic dentistry is often reserved for adults, don’t overlook the appearance of your child’s smile.

A bright white smile can contribute positively to a child’s self-esteem. If you are concerned with a child being picked on at school because of their teeth, then cosmetic crowns may be right for your child’s restoration. Who knows? Your child’s new found confidence could even positively impact their grades in school! And that’s something to smile about.

Under specific instruction and supervision by Dr. Vafa, our All-porcelain cosmetic crowns are made of the finest materials and handcrafted at the best dental labs in the nation. In most cases, your child’s new crown can be placed in as little as 1 or 2 dental visits.

Dr. Vafa and his dental team would be happy to discuss your child’s restorative options with you. Please make an appointment today!

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