Sometimes, a crown may be your child’s best option for restoring a tooth. A crown covers the worn enamel and extensive cavity while cemented to the tooth, preserving it and making it look and function like new again. A children dental crown is generally placed in about 1 dental visits. Crowns represent excellent restorative dentistry and last for years and years until the baby tooth is about to exfoliate and fell down with the baby tooth.
When selecting crowns, Dr. Vafa will go over your options with you. If your child is old enough, your child’s dental condition and the procedure will be explained, ensuring a smooth, comfortable experience once treatment begins.

There is two major options for the baby tooth crown. First and the most popular is stainless steel crown or SSC. The crown is made of stainless steel material and is a good option for the baby molars. The other one is the white crowns. The baby white crowns are used mostly for the front baby teeth specially is tooth is damaged by the Baby Bottle Syndrome. if the Baby tooth already got the Baby root Canal or Pulpotomy it is better to get crown to cover the whole tooth

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