Behavior management and establish a positive relationship between the Pediatric

Dentist and a kid is the first step towards a successful treatment. Dr Bruce vafa, The Los Angeles Children Dentist office policy  is clear for the whole staff that at the first Dental visit ,everybody at the office is responsible to make the child comfort.Not only the child but also the parents should feel comfortable at our office. We believe

that calmness is contageous in Pediatric Dental Office so we make the child and the parents happy and relaxed. The best information for parents about the Pediatric Dental guideine is published by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. We made our office very unique about Pediatric Behavior Management and it limits the unnecessary Oral or IV Sedations.


Every child is unique. And when it comes to behavior management, Dr. Vafa

and his friendly, experienced dental team draw from a variety of techniques and experiences to ensure a pleasant dental experience for your child.

We calm your child, educate them, and reward them for good behavior.

By exercising positive reinforcement and using a tell-show-do approach, we help your child better understand the care they are about to receive. And we do so in terms they can understand. We also get you, the parent, more involved i



n their care, so that everyone is at the same level of understanding.

In the case of special needs, we can provide nitrous oxide or conscious sedation, so that your child can relax and rest comfortably throughout their treatment and have little to no memory of the experience.

Dr. Bruce VAFA DDS considers Behavior management as the priority of Children Dentistry

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