One of the main goals here in our office is being able to address any dental issues before they develop into larger problems requiring more extensive treatment. We use the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system to help uncover small cavities that are not yet visible to the naked eye. The use of this system has been essential in preventing larger cavities from developing in the tooth.

DIAGNOdent in action

The DIAGNOdent detects tooth decay in various stages. A pen-like probe is moved over the outer surface of the teeth. An alarm signals when a cavity is detected. A number scale allows the dentist or technician to evaluate the level of decay. There are six values that determine the level and stage of decay, with stage 1 meaning the least destruction and stage 6 indicating maximum tooth destruction.

For example, a stage 1 value detects acid attacking the tooth surface. If this process continues, the hard outer coating of the tooth will eventually be affected, causing a lesion. Stage 2 shows frequent acid attacks to the enamel. Stage 3 reveals if sugar consumption continues, the decay process will penetrate hard enamel and enter the dentine layer. Stage 4 indicates if decay progresses, it will destroy the soft dentine layer more than the previous stage. Stage 5 indicates if the lesion is left untreated it will deepen to involve the pulp chamber, which is made up of nerves and blood vessels. Stage 6 indicates definite pulp involvement revealing the tooth has been destroyed.

With the use of the advanced technology of the DIAGONOdent laser system, your child may never have to experience the pain or discomfort of a toothache again. The earlier decay is found in the tooth structure, the easier it will be to treat. It will also require less time to repair, which is great news for you and your child. Dr. Bruce Vafa and his staff are proud to use this cutting-edge technology in their office.

We consider the DIAGNOdent to be a great asset in children’s dentistry. It is quick to use and safe. We want only the best for our young patients. The DIAGNOdent device is part of what’s best for maintaining healthy teeth.

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