How Do I Eat Before Sedation

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How do I eat before sedation This is a common question. Parents are worried about the sedation and anesthesia and curious about the side effect of IV sedation side effects. There is a huge difference between general anesthesia and IV sedation. At IV sedation the body reflexes like coughing, breathing are intact and the patient breathes by him or herself.

It is better not to eat 5 to 8 hours before IV sedation and keep the stomach and intestines clean. If not, by food rejection from stomach toward mouth and airways the patient is in danger of aspiration of food to the airways and obstruction of the breathing pathways. The sedation is mostly used for uncooperative patients or the ones who are handicapped.

At the office of Dr Bruce Vafa,Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Pediatric Dentist the IV Sedation is get done under supervision of the board certified Anesthesiologist Dr David Khandabi. For more information and set up your complimentary exam call our office at 310-201-9003 or visit our website www.mychildrendentist and contact through the website. Also you van contact Dr David Khandabi the anesthesiologist directly and ask your questions.

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