Pediatric Dentist vs. General Dentist, Who is the right dentist for my Child

As a rule, it is always a good idea to choose a specialist over a general practitioner. Especially when it comes to your child’s health, a pediatric dentist might be a better choice. When it comes to a Children dentist, you can go for any Beverly Hills Pediatric dentist for your child’s orthodontics issues. Children emergency dentistry is also becoming more common every day in Los Angeles and other places, and this includes problems like broken tooth and similar accidents or even braces. The following are some things you should know about:

  • Special Tasks Performed – A pediatric dentist would provide mouth guards to your child to prevent injuries from sports, offer counseling for specific habits (thumb sucking, teeth grinding, using pacifier et al), offer special orthodontics counseling, repair any defects in the tooth and perform various other things for the child which the general dentist is not equipped to handle.
  • Additional Knowledge – Despite the fact that a lot of parents take their children to their general dentist, it is a known fact that pediatric dentist have additional knowledge over a general dentist. They have trained for 3 more years in child psychology, development and growth and this makes them better equipped to deal with children dentistry.
  • Special Children Friendly Equipment – It is not common for children to be scared of the dentist. In such a situation, the littlest of things can help. With a Beverly Hills Pediatric dentist, because they have been trained to deal with children and have extra patience, this becomes much easier. They can soothe the children and calm them down if they have any fear of the dentist. They also have equipment that is specially designed keeping children in mind. This equipment is decorated and is meant to make children feel loved and comfortable. The sizes are also kid friendly which might not be the case with a general dentist.
  • Up to Date Treatment – Because Children dentist are specialists in the field, they are much more aware of any latest developments in dentistry for children. They also keep introducing up to date treatment plans and measures to ensure that their little patients are in the best of health. This level of treatment and specialization cannot be expected from a general dentist who deals with both adults and kids.
  • Specialized Care – Pediatric dentists make a different plan for the benefit of your child at different points in their life. When you child is in the infancy stage, the treatment is focused on education and prevention. Then, as adolescence creeps up, the focus shifts towards corrective and restorative measures like braces. This is also the time to educate the child about preventive care like how to use sealants, avoiding drug/tobacco use, oral piercings, and also, cosmetic restorative options like teeth veneers, bleaching, et al.
  • Comprehensive Team Approach – It is often common for pediatric dentists to work together with each other to ensure that a child is getting the best possible level of care.

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