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Sedation Dentistry
How do I eat before sedation This is a common question. Parents are worried about the sedation and anesthesia and curious about the side effect of IV sedation side effects. There is a huge difference between general anesthesia and IV sedation. At IV sedation the body reflexes like coughing, breathing are intact and the patient breathes by him or herself. It is better not to eat 5 to 8 hours before IV sedation and keep the stomach and intestines clean. If not, by food rejection from stomach toward mouth and airways the patient is in danger of aspiration of food to the airways and obstruction of the breathing pathways. The sedation is mostly used for uncooperative patients or the ones who are handicapped. At the office of Dr Bruce Vafa,Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Pediatric Dentist the IV Sedation is get done under supervision of the board certified Anesthesiologist Dr David Khandabi. For more information and set up your complimentary exam call our office at 310-201-9003 or visit our website www.mychildrendentist and contact through the website. Also you van contact Dr David Khandabi the anesthesiologist directly and ask your questions.

You never know when you'll need children emergency dentistry. Kids are naturally rowdy, and they can suffer everything from broken teeth to bleeding gums during an average day of play, leaving you in a rush to find a reputable Beverly Hills pediatric dentist. The good news is that Dr. Vafa can help.

A Pediatric Dentist You Can Trust
Serving the greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area, Dr. Vafa offers gentle, friendly care in the field of orthodontics. Whether you're looking to extract wisdom teeth or schedule a fitting for braces, rest assured that his team of professionals can serve all your child's needs in a way that will leave them unafraid of future trips to the dentist.

Skill and Experience
In addition to his licensure and membership with the American Dental Association (ADA), Dr. Vafa is also a committed father of two. He's been through broken teeth and braces with his own children, so he'll understand your child's anxieties about sitting in the chair. He makes sure to offer a warm smile to all his patients as well as top-notch orthodontics to please their parents.

24/7 Emergency Service
It can be difficult to find children emergency dentistry when your little one breaks a crown in the middle of the night. Most pediatric dentists aren't open until regular business hours, but you can't let your child suffer that long!

Dr. Vafa understands the nature of unexpected cavities and painful root canals that simply can't wait. That's why he provides 24/7 emergency service as a Los Angeles children dentist. Day or night, rain or shine, he'll be there when your child needs him most.

Signs of Serious Dental Problems
What if you aren't sure whether your child's bleeding gums are from gingivitis or just over-brushing? What if you don't know what wisdom teeth actually look like? Here are just a few symptoms of encroaching dental disaster that you shouldn't ignore:

  • Persistent toothache
  • Broken caps or crowns
  • Fillings that start to hurt
  • Unexplained spots on the teeth
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums that persist even after brushing

If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, call Dr. Vafa right away. The longer you wait to make an appointment with a Los Angeles children dentist, the worse the problem will become.

Understanding An Evolving Mouth
Children occupy a unique position in the orthodontic world. For example, it isn't a cause of alarm when their baby teeth fall out, but that doesn't automatically mean that every avulsion is natural. If you notice any bleeding, tearing or leaking around the missing tooth, Billy needs a root canal more than he needs the tooth fairy!

Make The Call
Call today to set up an appointment with Dr. Vafa. Even if you don't immediately need a Beverly Hills pediatric dentist, you can bring your child in for a check-up and allow them to meet their new dental buddy. A solid foundation starts with a simple hello!

As a rule, it is always a good idea to choose a specialist over a general practitioner. Especially when it comes to your child's health, a pediatric dentist might be a better choice. When it comes to a Children dentist, you can go for any Beverly Hills Pediatric dentist for your child's orthodontics issues. Children emergency dentistry is also becoming more common every day in Los Angeles and other places, and this includes problems like broken tooth and similar accidents or even braces. The following are some things you should know about:

  • Special Tasks Performed – A pediatric dentist would provide mouth guards to your child to prevent injuries from sports, offer counseling for specific habits (thumb sucking, teeth grinding, using pacifier et al), offer special orthodontics counseling, repair any defects in the tooth and perform various other things for the child which the general dentist is not equipped to handle.
  • Additional Knowledge – Despite the fact that a lot of parents take their children to their general dentist, it is a known fact that pediatric dentist have additional knowledge over a general dentist. They have trained for 3 more years in child psychology, development and growth and this makes them better equipped to deal with children dentistry.
  • Special Children Friendly Equipment – It is not common for children to be scared of the dentist. In such a situation, the littlest of things can help. With a Beverly Hills Pediatric dentist, because they have been trained to deal with children and have extra patience, this becomes much easier. They can soothe the children and calm them down if they have any fear of the dentist. They also have equipment that is specially designed keeping children in mind. This equipment is decorated and is meant to make children feel loved and comfortable. The sizes are also kid friendly which might not be the case with a general dentist.
  • Up to Date Treatment – Because Children dentist are specialists in the field, they are much more aware of any latest developments in dentistry for children. They also keep introducing up to date treatment plans and measures to ensure that their little patients are in the best of health. This level of treatment and specialization cannot be expected from a general dentist who deals with both adults and kids.
  • Specialized Care – Pediatric dentists make a different plan for the benefit of your child at different points in their life. When you child is in the infancy stage, the treatment is focused on education and prevention. Then, as adolescence creeps up, the focus shifts towards corrective and restorative measures like braces. This is also the time to educate the child about preventive care like how to use sealants, avoiding drug/tobacco use, oral piercings, and also, cosmetic restorative options like teeth veneers, bleaching, et al.
  • Comprehensive Team Approach – It is often common for pediatric dentists to work together with each other to ensure that a child is getting the best possible level of care.

Call today and ask Dr. Vafa for pediatric dentist recommendations.

The right smile opens hearts and open doors, but though you might be aware of the need for orthodontic care for adults and teenagers, you may be a little shocked to realize that children need orthodontic care as well! As any pediatric dentist can tell you, a child's healthy development has a lot to do with his or her teeth and jaws, and fortunately, when you are the Beverly Hills area,, finding right dentist for your kids is simple.

Jaw Formation
When it comes to children dentist professionals who do not normally treat children are the wrong choice. They are not necessarily aware of the fact that baby teeth create space in the jaw for adult teeth. In many ways, healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth, and when most children don't get into a dentist chair until years after their baby teeth have come in, this is a serious problem.

Good Speech
Have you ever noticed how much you use your teeth when you pronounce words? There are some sounds in the English language that require you to be able to brace your tongue against your teeth. Professionals who practice orthodontics place a high priority on speech development as well as the simply beauty of the teeth themselves, and if you want to make sure that your child speaks right, braces and other tools can help.

Great Dental Habits
When dealing with children orthodontics should be performed sooner rather than later. The sooner you get a problem taken care of, the easier the problem will be to fix. If you leave a dental problem to sit for too long, you will quickly find that you are dealing with something that can take years to resolve. Developing great dental habits means regular visits, and if you start your child young, they will never develop the fear of the dentist that plagues so many adults.

A Great Smile!
A child's smile is a lovely thing, and if you want to make sure that your child has the best, consider the work that it might need. Remember that the sooner your begin the proper dental check ups, the easier it will be to keep orthodontic costs as low as possible and for the treatments to do the maximum good.

Take a moment to think about your children's teeth and to really consider what they need. This is something that can make a big difference to their dental health in the future.

Tooth fairy is a sweet story for our kids. At the last time of the tooth presence we remind them a story about the Beautiful Angel our tooth fairy who cheers them up at the last time of having the baby Tooth. Dr Bruce Vafa , The Los Angels and Beverly hills Pediatric Dentist always make a joke with parents and children at our Beverly hills dental Office. What is your zip code? because the Tooth fairy pays based on your zip code. So you can fine the money under the pillow by Tooth fairy generosity. It doesn't matter if the baby looses the baby tooth naturally or we take it out sooner. The Tooth Fairy is a sweet story and adventure to make their treatment easier and cheerful.